Do more in Palestine

Lack of access pose serious challenges in tackling poverty in Palestine, your Qurbani/Udhiyah brings hope and joy for a brighter future once again.

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Please donate generously towards the following programs:

$250/month - Veggie Gardens

Your contribution of $250/month supports an urban rooftop vegetable garden, improving food security and boosting household income for a Palestinian family.

Support Palestinian farmers with these quality Palestinian dates.

Our Medjoul dates are sweet, juicy, and delicious. They are grown with love by hard-working Palestinian farmers in the pastures of Jericho along the West Bank of Palestine. The dates come packaged in a beautiful, bright blue aluminum tin box that converts into a fun money-box.

Our Work

Lack of access pose serious challenges in tackling poverty in Palestine, and like the olive tree, Penny Appeal USA and humanitarians like you, stand united and strong. The ripple effects of your unwavering support have allowed the wounded, orphaned, and tired to experience hope, joy, and dreams of a brighter future once again.

Vegetable Gardens

In Palestine, many women rely on farming and livestock for nutrition and income to sustain their families. Our rooftop gardens give women-led families all the tools they need to create a nutritious supply of food for their households and to sell in local markets.

Olive Trees

Palestinians have proudly tended to olive groves for generations! Empowering farmers with olive seedlings means helping them expand their olive farms, boosting the economy, and nurturing resilience!

Sponsor An Orphan

Your monthly sponsorship helps provide nutritious meals, clothes, healthcare, and education to orphaned children in Palestine.

Feed Our World

Go beyond a one-time gift, and help feed our world every month. Provide millions of life-saving, nutritious meals to families in need starting at $45 per month!

Emergency Response

Worshippers lost lives last Ramadan with hundreds more injured as violence erupted at the sacred Al Aqsa mosque and throughout Gaza and the West Bank.

Thirst Relief

By supporting a Gaza Water Tanker, you can provide safe water to the people who need it the most. We will deliver clean water directly to schools, orphanages, hospitals, and more!

Planting 1,000 Olive Trees

Ramallah, Palestine

Olive farmers and olive oil production is the main source of making living for poor families, women led families and small farmers. It is highly important to support these vulnerable groups by providing olive seedlings to expand their olive farms in order to enhance their family source of income. This will enhance the household income of women led families, vulnerable and families with disability.

Program Reports